Innovation – How have adapted to London Tourism in COVID.

With the Covid19 Pandemic rapidly becoming our ‘new normal’ (VMT), like any other business has had to adapt their London tourism platform. Rather than taking time to lick our wounds, VMT has decided to celebrate the local heroes of South, East, and North London by showcasing who and what can be also be enjoyed […]

What Does do?

A word from our founder… In a nutshell, is a company that specialises in tourism in South, East and North London. So, a little more depth… (VMT), considers themselves to be pioneers in promoting South, East and North London activities to international students, young professionals, London tourists and Londoners. All year round, VMT […]

Valentines Day 2017- Thames for Two

Happy New Year! Party Season is over and everyone is back to work and starting to start on those resolutions! As your filling in that new 2017 diary do not forget Valentines day speedily coming up in February.Lets not forget to love each other more this year and show it! will be showcasing some […]

Birmingham Airbnb Host ?- Homework made easy with Taskaway

Are you one of the thousands of people in Birmingham and surrounding areas that are a delightful Airbnb Host. We can imagine how keeping up appearances can be stressful and when a business is your house, its personal. We ran across this hidden gem Taskaway App that are based in Birmingham! These handy guys can […]