We like to think we are a firm but fair business…We scratch your back and we will scratch yours? Seriously, you could even make a few pounds for no shows! How cool is that right?

Everyone’s Time is Valued at Valuemytime.co.uk

Valuemytime.co.uk is an Event finding service for visiting customers,the end user seeking the events, unless you are an Airbnb Host.

Airbnb Hosts are FREE, but are required by kind, to leave feedback, promote in Airbnb profiles on social media platforms

***AirBnB Hosts please email me a separate message for a Free Valuemytime.co.uk pack***

Hidden Gems/Business’s /Vendors must all pay an agreed amount per head brought to them by valuemytime.co.uk** – all payments wiil be deducted per head and outstanding payments will be released to vendors within 48 hours of clients attendance.

**Agreed payments per head varies on activity, price ranges, durations across all sectors and non refundable deposits are 100% to come off the customers final bill unless they are a no show, see “Deposits” section for more details.


For any no shows and cancellations valuemytime.co.uk will pay out 10% of the non- refundable deposit fee taken from the customer ONLY IF CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE TO YOU by Valuemytime.co.uk and made a booking- these fees if accrued, will be paid monthly by PayPal invoice.

Free events need not pay a per head fee, but can sign up so we can use their material to advertise and link in with other promotions e.g accommodation nearby

AirBnB Hosts are FREE, but are required by kind, to leave feedback, promote in Airbnb profiles on social media platforms.

Any business allows valuemytime.co.uk to use pictures from their site and valuemytime.co.uk will proclaim not to own any of the pictures

Any business signed to valuemytime.co.uk must not try to by pass the site and message customers directly or indirectly from social media sites who have made enquiries on ANY of social media pages this includes but not exhaustive to : @valuemytime.co.uk #valuemytimecouk #valuemytime.co.uk www.valuemytime.co.uk


Facebook Valuemytime.co.uk

All vendors are free to market, contact and rebook customers without valuemytime.co.uk after bookings have been initially made.