Innovation – How have adapted to London Tourism in COVID.

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With the Covid19 Pandemic rapidly becoming our ‘new normal’ (VMT), like any other business has had to adapt their London tourism platform. Rather than taking time to lick our wounds, VMT has decided to celebrate the local heroes of South, East, and North London by showcasing who and what can be also be enjoyed at home.

Who is going to be interested in this at this time?

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Well, believe it or not, international students still exist. They are here in London to receive a quality education whether it be online or in person. Many students and budding young professionals are still in London halls residence or living in surrounding London areas and now more than ever may not be able to visit the more mainstream tourist attractions. VMT has taken the opportunity to showcase what London still had to offer, which could be possibly much closer to home. Londoners themselves will also be seeking some TLC from their local talents and equally could be unaware of what is happening at the end of their street.

If people are staying at home? How can VMT make that interesting for London visitors and Londoners?

With our social media platforms, VMT is choosing specific elements of London life that can still be achieved with the government regulations. Some small business local heroes are creating and delivering home entertainment in south, east, and north London. Examples of food, shisha, art, music, fitness, and fashion are included in the social media showcase. What is great about the pandemic circumstances ( yes, there are some great things), is that more and more services are becoming available as some of the London community have utilised their ‘downtime’ and started new a micro and small businesses and VMT offers them and platform, where they won’t be overshadowed by bigger brands in their fields.

What if people still want to go out? 

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If people still want to go out, we are still showcasing events who are following the government guidelines. Amongst their promotion, we also post reminders of government updates such as the wearing of masks/face coverings and ‘Rule of 6’ instruction that has recently taken place. On our social media platforms, we will use little reminders such as additional ‘Gifs’ and stickers to ensure it is clear that individual clients plus 5 others can attend an event.

See how we have done so far! You never know you might see something you like. If you do, take joy in knowing you will be supporting a small or micro local business in London.

VMT Team

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