What Does Valuemytime.co.uk do?

Valuemytime.co.uk ‘ The Fight Before Christmas’ Anthony Joshua vs Ruiz 2

300 guests gathered to watch Anthony Joshua regain his belts in a unknown venue in Greenwich (2019)

A word from our founder…

In a nutshell, Valuemytime.co.uk is a company that specialises in tourism in South, East and North London.

So, a little more depth… Valuemytime.co.uk (VMT), considers themselves to be pioneers in promoting South, East and North London activities to international students, young professionals, London tourists and Londoners. All year round, VMT pride themselves on highlighting what new and revisiting tourists could be missing out on in the more local parts of London, due to the more mainstream tourist attractions dominating the media when searching “What to do in London”.

Why the need?

Well, VMT has researched in various ways, that international and revisiting London tourists, do not actually know what else is available, or they may have an idea, but not sure where to start looking. Like anyone else, if a place is mentioned and you don’t know it, it always sounds ‘too far’ or there maybe an innate fear of ‘getting lost’. In London especially, with all the various means of travel, in most cases, this isn’t true. Remember the recent publication in the Telegraph (2019) regarding how much money tourists spend on using the two closest tube stations? How is a non-London resident supposed to know, that one single train from London Bridge, for example, can get you to a David Bowie tour in Bromley or an art gallery in Camberwell? 


Ok, that makes sense so how do you help small business?

We acknowledge that each part of London has its hotspots for Londoners, but London is one of the most multicultural and diverse cities in the world and the tourism industry attracts equally a multitude of tourists. South, East, and North London is a great way for small businesses to showcase London’s diverse culture in food, entertainment, fashion, and local talent that is available.

VMT has three ways to give small businesses a platform.

  • Pre-packaged events – VMT like another well-known experience maker, has put together full days out in South, East, and North London. Experiences range from east London chocolate factories to south London street art walks. The customer can expect to get an activity, a meal, and a souvenir for all one price and all in one area. All they have to do is turn up! All items in the days out, are locally sourced and the revenue goes 100% back into the local community and small businesses involved.


  • Social Media Platforms – We call this the free event finding service. A showcase of what’s going on in London and highlighting the more unique leisure activities that are happening for the more curious London explorer or the local London resident who does not know what is happening at the end of their road. We take common interests of our demographic market and display the various accesses and versions available in local and suburban London in Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat & more recently TikTok.


  • Live Events – Lastly, we hold live events in hidden gems of London. We have hosted sports screenings and organised personalised special occasions intentionally, in lesser-known venues. We use the extraordinary human curiosity when doing ordinary things. The aim is to get people talking about and asking questions about our selected venues and vendors. This, in turn, gives the venue additional traffic online and in-person when the event takes place.
  • So, what is the point of all this? 

    VMT believes that a small proportion of an alternative tourism market could be the difference in a much loved small business staying open and having to close, should the reasons be financial. For the London visitor , they get a unique London experience to cater for their particular tastes and interests, aswell as taking home a different kind of London story and holiday snap in addition to them posing next to a red phone box ( There is nothing wrong with that, of course).

    Valuemytime.co.uk , Founder

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