Acting our shoe size?- UK Size 9 shoes and up with NAKEDfootwear

So in our previous post we gave you 7 hotspots to visit in London LGBT London now we are giving you an exclusive about a new company who makes real life kinky boots for transgender men here in London. Yes its true! Ultra Hidden Gem NAKEDFootwear on Estsy is a brand new up and coming company making shoes from UK size 9 and up shoes for the transgender man!

CEO and founder Tskenya-Sarah Fraser believes fabulous style in shoes should not finish at a size 7/8 shoe size. An outfit is not complete without the perfect pair of shoes and the transman shouldn’t be limited to compromise when it come to a night out on the town.

Bang on Trend boots from Nakedfootwear

NakedFootwear has sexy red clear ankle boots and the current trend thigh high lace up boots in a beautiful sandstone finish. Tkskenya is involved in the production and style of the products from start to finish and is always looking into new materials, new designs and celeb trends, so you will never be behind in fashion. Orders are advised to be in advance as is many companies to give yourself time to get used to the shoe or need any adjustments made, although Tskenya’s quality control and research ensures that they are durable, sustainable and most of all gives the wow factor when you enter a room.

Red Ankle Boot from Hidden Gem NAKEDfootwear


Tkskenya also is the blog CEO and founder of all things fashion at Wildabout Collective where you sign up for the latest on all things fashionable and wild from all over the world and may inspire your own trend and become your own trendsetter instead. She says:

 All my teams are diverse, with members that have various intersections – as where there is diversity there is success…”- Wildabout Collective 

The beautiful boss- Tskenya, CEO and Founder of NAKEDfootwear

Ladies with size 9 feet and up need not feel excluded from NAKEDfootwear. We know you exist!, and Tskenya is catering for you to as she identifies with this market. She herself has size 9 feet and is the inspiration for her wonderful project. She is young, sociable and always out about in the scene, so have have confidence this lady will have you looking on point at your occasion with her designs.

Check out her full Catalog on the site  by clicking here NAKEDfootwear  as keep visiting regularly for more updates and more designs coming soon and forever more!

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