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What happens if I cannot attend a pre packaged tour?

We book your event as soon as you pay! We instantly ask the vendors to roll out the red carpet and prepare for your arrival!

If for any reason you cannot attend a 10% non refundable fee is charged per person.

This is part of the valuemytime.co.uk ethos to literally value the time of all parties involved in your booking.

Also, we value the time of your event hosts and the trouble they go to to ensure your event and activity goes off with a bang. So the deposit is security of their time as well.

Why can’t I get venue details till after I’ve booked?

Please do not disclose the name of venue alongside tags with us, we will just use photos with yourselves and the products if you take any.
We protect the names of our gems in our pre packages so there is more control in the booking organisation for the small businesses coming from one source as they do not have in house event planners to organise these things.

We will show you the legitimate locations pictures and we will tell you the true area the venues are in that’s a Guarantee. WE WILL NOT LIE TO YOU AND GET OURSELVES A BAD REPUTATION! Full details are given after the deposit so we can let our vendors definitely know that you booked with us! We do not want to burden you with our marketing on your event and to ask you to tell venues that you booked with valuemytime.co.uk, so we book on your behalf, pay on your behalf and just let our vendors know that we did our part!….Although when you come back and have had a good time, we do appreciate feedback and photos even via email! You might end up on our blog