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Please Note: These are the pre discounted Prices per person discount applied at time of booking, Discounts start from 10% upwards depending on times and dates of bookings.

How can these boost Educational needs?

Education is broad spectrum of intelligence and we need minds to flourish in all aspects. These selected trips above can bring education messages to life and aid , maintain and increase interest in your subject.

Paint the Town Red (Kids)- For up to age 16. Does not just include looking and seeing street art, the actually get to express themselves in the art of spray painting with a commemorative t-shirt or bag to take home and remember the experience Please Note: Over 16 groups please contact us for a different price.

Chocolate Crusade 2- All ages . This African Experience in East London is great for Geography and those Food Technology enthusiasts. This chocolate tasting experience is taken through a woman’s journey from the deepest parts of Africa as each taste has a tale. Not only do they get taught and taste by a designated member of staff, they get to take a few home and wash it all down with a Lava hot chocolate or a choice of hot chocolate varieties. Over 18 ? make yours a chocktini .

Gallery Gallivant- Why go all the way to see the Tate Modern? South London have two great galleries to see . This price includes lunch and a gift shop amount to spend. Whats on depends on time of booking just drop us an email for a chat

Jump for Joy- Jump for joy s a great alternative P.E experience. A trampoline park for kids and big kids alike.One train away from Victoria station. This hidden gem comes with the needed parents letters and waivers already to take you and your group for a truly unique experience. With commemorative new footwear to take home and food in their in house eatery all included there is no way you and the group wont be able to let off a little steam and bring back some fun into Physical activity.


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