– Pricing –

Packages from £16/month! *

*As the magazine is every 3 months , £50 for an ad feature is equivalent to £16.66 per month

Advertising Packages / T&Cs

*All prices are inclusive of editing and an online link listing for 3 months for the duration of the season.


Shared feature, spotlight on your business highlighted for your part of London


Full page advert + Big things small business feature ** Save £20 **


Small photo and listing on a shared page with other products  


Online Directory Listing - A link in our website directory. Link listing valid for 3 months  


We will design your full page advert for you with either photos you send in or what can be used from your social media and/or website. All photos will be credited from their source and names of photographers if applicable. Free stock photos may also be used. You will be shown edits and progress before printing.


Full page A4 advert strategically placed in the magazine for maximum impact

Thank you for considering to advertise with us.

The Valuemytime Magazine is free to the public to maximise your exposure to people living, working and visiting London for the first and many times. In addition, the magazine will be downloadable from our website worldwide, so people can plan to visit you before they even arrive! – Even better, with our networking links on social media to particular audiences looking for those alternative London adventures there is a definite opportunity to be seen. Remember, this one of the few platforms, where you won’t be overshadowed my the larger and more obvious London attractions, bars, clubs and restaurants.

Valuemytime Permissions

Buy completing a purchase, you give us permission to use photos that you have submitted for adverts, you are using on your social medias or website. Valuemytime will credit these sources in the final edit

Your Permissions

By making this purchase you agree to the following

I can confirm I have permission to use photos that I submit to Valuemytime.co.uk for advertisement purposes. I understand that any photos and artwork I send, could be used for further advertisement on Valuemytime.co.uk social medias for ongoing promotion. All advertisements are subject to space and availability and needs of the business. Valuemytime.co.uk will notify and refund you, in the event of being at full capacity for the upcoming magazine, if you wish not to roll over your submission for the next season. All material must not include anything offensive or illegal and Valuemytime.co.uk reserves the right to disapprove any application for advertisement for these reasons and any other reasonable grounds, in accordance to the marketing needs of the business. If this should occur you will be informed and refunded of any monies paid.