Tiki for two?- Win a night out for two with food, cocktails and party!

Terms and Conditions – We hate to be party poopers but…

  1. Winners will be announced July 20th Publicly on Social Medias and prize will be available from then on every Friday or Saturday on a date of your choosing
  2. Prize includes a selection special from the venue for two and 2 cocktails each with after party.
  3. .Please let us know if you require either meat/vegetarian food and any food allergies
  4. . You must arrive at 6.30pm to the venue and order your cocktails before 7pm . 2 cocktails per person is allowed from the ” Happy Hour Menu”
  5. You are permitted to stay for the after party
  6. Advance booking and notification is required via by any means of communication. (Email advised)
  7. Any cancellations will result in the competition being re run and your prize being lost. So make sure the date you set is a definite date you can make!!
  8. Location and Venue is to be disclosed to the winner after booking has been made
  9. Photos of Branding of Venue cannot be in any photos that you may use in future that have , although you can post and take as many photos for your personal use on your own social media
  10. This competition is for the Winner and ONE Plus one only
  11. Entrants cannot, work for, know or be in association with Valuemytime, or its venues
  12. cannot be held liable for any circumstantial events that happen in a public place.
  13. Travel is not included in the Prize.
  14. By entering you are allowing to use your submitted entries for Marketing purposes associated with the competition
  15. Winners & Guest MUST be over 18 – Failure to bring I. D may lead to refusal at venue and resulting in a cancellation and loss of prize
  16. Competition can be removed, withdrawn or changed at any time

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