Age is an issue of mind over matter, If your don’t mind it doesn’t matter

-Mark Twain-

Everybody’s time is Valuable…

 Exclusive page to offer a special group of people a special time.

Our elders, maybe,  are just that, older then us. Plenty of them, we are sure, enjoy a good day out in local London towns enjoying new activities , hearing new sounds and enjoying a new scene.

We do not have age limits on our packages , but we were inspired by a recent television programme that showed that we need to take measures to make our senior citizens feel included.

We have decided to offer an exclusive 15% off per person for you Care establishment and your clients. We are always adding new packages , but we have handpicked a few that we thought may interest your clientele.

We can book for anytime of the day on selected packages, non peak quiet times and ask for any special arrangements needed e.g for accessibility for mobility aids.

All our packages include refreshments of choice and like anyone else, if there is anything we should know about dietary wise we can also sort this out.

We are human! You just tell us the date and time and number of people you want, we see if its available, you book, that’s it! Don’t forget to use that Discount code. and for every 4 people a carers can go free!

Sound good? We hope so and please let us know if you have any questions by emailing or see our contact page!

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