Do you meet Our Hidden Gem Criteria?

Hidden Gems are our specialty here on We specifically want small businesses that offer great times and service. Do you get what is due? No? Why?…because of high advertising and marketing prices, big brand monopoly, Online Ad campaigns not being efficient and high costs for websites design and maintenance …or simply you don’t have the time as your rushed off your feet in your professions

How does this benefit me and my small business?


No More Fees Per Head!

Well offers guaranteed only clients.We can NOW put you into a pre package offer! This can mean one of two things for you as a business owner.

You have the choice to:

Have a limited few full price offer

This means for example a chosen selection of items/activities that will be paid at it current face value. This will limit the customer of what is available in their package and could make your package quite pricey in comparison to others, but depending on the nature of your business i.e Canal boating experiences the once in a lifetime opportunity may benefit from this. 

Please Note: All new business is put into this category to protect YOUR business and test the market

Offer a discounted or VMT price for us to package an offer

This means for example a simple price per head for a tailored package or permitting a discount on your service or product that we can pass on to the customers.

To Conclude…

Due to the nature of the business its unlikely that you’ll ever get just ONE booking for ONE person but even so that one more extra person that knows about you that didn’t before and one more person who can spread the good word about your business to all the people they know right?…

We will sift out the time wasters and only contact you when the bookings have been made.


We have newly introduced pre packaged tours for adventure seeking guests who want it even more on a plate.

 We like to visit and test out places ourselves and just like to show venues off on our own accord . We can pick affordable options from what you already have and piece together packages from that, but if you would like to custom make one for us or have something we really must try just contact to discuss offers and suggestions.

Hostels /Hotels/Short-Lets/Serviced Apartments and other Accommodation

Not that different from our Airbnb Host Gems. You Gems are 100% free for our services also. We would love nothing then to fill the gap for those last days your customers have and they have checked everything on their tourist list..Well, they think they have. With us working with customer personal budgets we can assist they have a great time up until the very last!

We can be there from beginning to end should it come to entertainment in London and Birmingham.In case you get those guests who are not as organised like the example of guests mentioned above. 

Just contact us for Free Leaflets and Room Cards!


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Please note businesses can be removed at the discretion of  and any other associated media at any time . Poor customer feedback and reviews could lead to permanent and instant dismissal from the programme.


We like to think we are a firm but fair business. Seriously, you could even make a few pounds for no shows! How cool is that right?

Everyone’s Time is Valued at is an Event Finding Service for visiting customers,the end user, seeking the events.

Airbnb Hosts.Hostels, Serviced Apartments, Short stays ,Hotels etc  are 100% FREE, but are required by kind, to leave feedback,e.g promote in Airbnb profiles on their social media platforms and sites

***Accommodation categorists please email in a separate message for a Free pack with room cards & leaflets ***


For any no shows and cancellations will pay out  5% of the retained amount, kept by for cancellations per head to you , the vendor. ONLY IF CONTACT HAS BEEN MADE TO YOU by and made a booking- these fees if accrued, will be paid monthly by PayPal  invoice.

Any business allows to use pictures from their site if accepting customers from and will proclaim not to own any of their images, but wont release personal contact details till after the payment has been received by the client and their party attending .

Any business signed to must not try to by pass the site and message customers directly or indirectly from social media sites who have made enquiries on ANY of social media pages this includes but not exhaustive to : #valuemytimecouk


By accepting clients from you agree to these terms. 

All vendors are free to market, contact and re-book customers without after bookings have been initially made.


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