Airbnb Hosts in london and Birmingham...WElcome

Airbnb Hosts are all hidden gems to us,as each and every one of you have unique spaces and in various parts of London and Birmingham. We here at  have done some separate research on hosts and guests that use Airbnb and found some similarities that made us want to offer our service for free.

Some hosts just want to make extra money,some are landlords and some still have jobs and other things going on personally. We realised that alot of people going into hosting do not factor in that it may in some cases become an actual additional job. As you are aware no guest is the same as the guest before.

We found that some hosts struggle with being a somewhat tour guide to their guests and equally some guests don’t feel to comfortable in coming forward to always ask, which even led on to the question of peoples sexual orientation. Some LBGT users do not want to disclose to their hosts that the are LBGT so are left to their own devices, which could take up measurable time in their stay.


Airbnb hosts are welcome to use our link for free in their correspondence to guests before and when they arrive and we also have physical nice A5 sized  room cards we can send out also free of charge. The best thing about us for your overseas guests is that we are :

  • Free to use **
  • No signing up commitment
  • We cater to personal interests
  • Simple contact form provided online
  • Human interaction based business
  • We only provide events accessible from their location from which they live and can provide travel details so you don’t have to.
  • Can make all enquiries to us before they arrive so you don’t have to give up any of our time researching as we will be doing it for you.
  • We do not just do typical West End (London) and City (Birmingham) concierge events and venues. Your guests will literally experience and visit places they never knew before we will introduce them to North, South and East Parts of London and Birmingham.

Of course contact us for any enquiries or you would like to request the room cards and see more information on our B2B page.

** Free to use once the guest attends the venue they have booked, Click here for guest process