Limited London- It’s Not Your Fault,Truth for the London international student or visitor

The Best Education I received was through travel – Lisa Ling

First of all- Welcome to London!

Well, yh, London does have a reputation of not being the most friendly place in the world. Stern faces and that saying the British ” Stiff upper lip” does not come from nowhere.

There could be a few reasons for this though, that could be reduced or totally avoided. When learning in London, you know what you know and no more. No different if a Londoner were to visit your home country.

You are told and shown to stay in West London, the most busiest and most expensive part of the city. Thats not our fault, I mean, you type in London on any given social media or search engine and up comes , Big Ben ,the red phone boxes,London eye and all those sorts of things, so there cannot be much else right?


West London is the most busiest , business making part of the city and thats it. There is no one who has time for a smile, ask you how your doing or ask you about yourself. They are there to work, even to play is work! Its so expensive to even go out!- Gotta work for that to!

Not meeting many Brits are you?

This is topic that comes up alot, I did some work in Westminster myself in hospitality and me talking in my London accent seemed to be surprise!, but again, think about it? When planning trips to London from an international perspective, all that is shown to you is West London so where are the international visitors going to go?- With our Local London packs you will meet the real Londoners, the Brits who have time, the service and for so much less!

Lets talk MONEY

So you are going to be here a long time and its not all work and no play, plus you got to eat right?

West London attraction and food is pricey, what our packages demonstrate, is a cost of one meal in London can be a day out experience including meals in South East and North London- Experience art, sport and music with our deals for an all inclusive price. Most time, you get to meet the owners and the want to meet you and find out how their business is doing from your perspective- they have time to talk. Make your money last longer in Local London and ask us how. We love to talk to you whether it be social media or direct , for any help advice you would want to know about how you can get social in London without the high costs. Simple time saving also, hence we are called Valuemytime.

A True Learning Experience…

Getting out and about isn’t a total waste of time. Talking to Local Londoners is one of the best was to assist in that tricky vocab, slang words to help you get along easier here and you know what, local people have time to explain in the more relaxing environment then what West London has to offer.

Take your studies to the more suburban parts of London rather then just the Big Smoke with the hustle and bustle and take some me time and take some unique selfies that you can send home to family and friends and show them your experiences the real London. 

We Don’t Hate West London..

London is out hometown and its so vast, on the odd occasion the West End can also have hidden gems to as its so large, certain little good parts can be left out. We also seek those out to… 

West London, being central is still important to us and our packages are all accessible from the main points in case your staying nearby. Many overhead trains come from London Bridge, Charring Cross, Victoria and many more..Most little less then an hour!

So What Now?

Explore London, Real London, Real Londoners and save time and money in doing so. Get free event finding service, by just simply asking us, where should I go this weekend and tell us a little about yourself our interests so we can find the right place for you to be. Even send us a Tweet! So you can help us show others how we can help you make the most of your London Experience!

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