Once Upon a Time…

Once Upon a Time…



There was a place where you literally can be Princess for a day… What if we told you this is real and in London!

This family fun hidden gem, brings stories to life when you book with www.everafterprincessparties.co.uk. You can recreate scenes and experiences from fairytales in London, nursery or day center. Make your little girl and her friends experience storytelling, treasure hunts and much more with your chosen package.

There is a variety of different princess characters to choose from and you choose how many princesses you require. These princesses are not just pretty faces! They sing, dance, give princess lessons,face paint , glitter tattoos and many more!


Available princesses include Cinderella, The Ice Queen, The Snow Princess, Beauty, Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White and timings vary from half hour onward, each with a Ball and Ceremony to ensure the princess status is official of course!

The owner of the company is the Eva, a professional singer and actress trained in Musical Theater at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and would have loved to met her princess heroes growing up and now creates the moment for your budding royalty.See more of Eva and her achievements here

Full details, Terms & Conditions can be found on their site www.everafterprincessparties.co.uk/princess-parties

Or Check them out on Facebook and see Videos of their work and their little ever after happy clients

Book her and her Princess fleet before they magically disappear!

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