There’s No Place Like Home

When visiting London or Birmingham there’s nothing better then to finish up or start the day in a comforting apartment. Get the real feel as a resident, as you get a complete abode. Rather then compromising space and comfort in a hotel room, cook meals, entertain and enjoy the benefits of a serviced apartment.

All though mainly self serviced, some apartments offer similar hotel style room service if required. You’ll be amazed at what is on offer and in some cases find yourself getting a whole apartment cheaper then your regular branded hotels. can connect you to various locations near to your favourite and undiscovered hidden gem activities for ease of transport. Order meals, get beauty treatments and have the choice to cosy up on the sofa while the kids are asleep in a room and have private time while you stay away.

Not a family? Have pre-drinks in your apartment with gathered friends before hitting the road and come back and crash into your fully equip bedroom and pull straws as who is doing that full English breakfast in your kitchen.

**We do not own this picture, but venue is real

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