Charity Begins at Home!

We love to give back here at! We are currently choosing two charities to share our profits with! who should we choose? We are thinking the PDSA an animal charity who helps sick animals from less privileged households who love their animals dearly but face financial strain to look after them when they are unwell. This is a personal one to us, and we hope you will join our campaign.

Our second charity is Adopt a girl! a charity involved in rescuing child brides,pre-teen and young pregnancies and alot more! The girl children are offered shelter, food and education in a safe environment in their home countries! Again, we haven’t fully got the all clear to start donating yet!, but hopefully can start helping change lives soon! WATCH THIS SPACE!!

10% of profits will go to PDSA or A adopt a girl if we are successful in our pick so when you book with us, you can feel that EXTRA special on your event and it doesn’t cost you a penny more then what your event costs! Its still a free service !!

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